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Documents, articles, and other information relevant to Mount Sinai residents.

1996 Mount Sinai Hamlet Study

Hamlet Study Cover

Hamlet Study Cover

This study was conducted by residents of Mount Sinai in cooperation with the Mount Sinai Civic Association.  The committee conducted a comprehensive review of then-current and projected issues affecting Mount Sinai,and proposed means to mitigate them.  The topics considered included Residential Development, Commercial Development, Parks/Recreation, Transportation/Roads, Bike Lanes, and the Mount Sinai Harbor.  Many of the the issues outlined will be familiar to current residents.  Some recommendations have been adopted; some are still a work in progress.  While approaching 20 year old, the Hamlet Study remains a good guide for responsible development.

Route 25A Mount Sinai to Wading River Community Visioning – Final Report

Route 25A Visioning Cover

The Route 25A Community Visioning is a project undertaken by the Town of Brookhaven.  The purpose of the study was several:   1) to solicit input from residents and leaders of the five hamlets connected by Rout 25A as to preferred development and land uses; 2) identify unique and shared elements along the corridor; and 3) devise strategies to help achieve the visions in the land use implementation phase of the project.  Over 300 residents and stakeholders participated in multiple forums held from October 2009 – August 2010, including leadership and members of the Mount Sinai Civic Association.  The final document was published in 2010 and serves as the current master outline for development along the Route 25A corridor between Mount Sinai and Wading River.  It is currently in active use by the Town of Brookhaven to guide development and redevelopment along Route 25A in Mount Sinai.